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A request from LuaKitsune, a fellow author over on Wattpad, I hope you like it. The names for the femee's parents belong to LuaKitsune, and I came up with the name for Knockout's assistant.

Knockout's optics quickly come back online as he wakes up from having the same nightmare for the past few nights. He goes home to visit his parents. When he tells them that he changed affiliations and is now an Autobot, His mom was upset but supported her son.

The only problem his father was furious and shouted from his son to leave the house. He told him never to come back ever again, and he would call the authorities if he showed up. I can't go back home. I don't want to take the risk of having my nightmares coming true. Knockout thinks slowly gets off the berth in the apartment the medic is living in now. The ex Decepticon medic walks up to the window and forces a smile seeing the Autobot symbol on his chest, seeing his reflection.

He decides to take a walk to clear his head.

Transformers Imagines — Life worth saving (Tfp Optimus Prime x Reader)

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, a Decepticon with red and blue armor sprints out of her house. Her optics fill with tears as she changes into her alt mode, a Nissan gt-r black edition with a 'tri striped' paint job.

One of her headlights is red, and the other is blue. She hears her mother calling after her as she speeds off down the street. Knockout thoughts are interrupted by the sound of squealing tires as the car makes a sharp turn, jumps the curb, and flips over his head.

The femee quickly transforms into her bot mode to avoid damaging her vehicle mode — the femee groans as she lands on the ground, and Knockout sprints over to her.

Her optics quickly come back online. Fear builds up in her system, seeing Knockout's face looking down at her. She back away gets to her feet and tries to run away. Knockout seeing that the femee is leaking energon from a wound on her leg. The medic chases after her.

Don't Cry (Optimus Prime x Reader)

A few seconds later, the femee passes out due to her losing too much energon. Knockout calls Sunblast, his assistant, over his com as he approaches her. Ten minutes later, Sunblast arrives and, in shock seeing Knockout walking up carrying the unconscious Decepticon femee. I told you the day I hired you, that I'm a medic who helps any patient no matter if they're an Autobot or a Decepticon. Sunblast takes out a patch kit.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Optimus' Human Lovers. Focus: Movies Transformers, Since: Founder: SweetSpark22 - Stories: 45 - Followers: 11 - id: For those of you who prefer stories where Optimus falls for either a human girl or a human girl who at some point turns into a femme, this is the C2 for you. Mostly M. Long Distances by Laceburner reviews Over four years ago, she decided what she wanted to be.

Over three years ago, she agreed to be a babysitter. Over a week ago, she met her future. And, damn, she didn't expect it. But it doesn't matter, it would never work, because in all honesty, he's thirty feet tall, and she's scared of heights. Relationships can always survive long distances though, right? I am not good at summaries, but Gabby and Optimus have been separated for two years, and everything will be explained within.

optimus x femme reader wattpad

I might jump this up to an M rating later, and I will put out a notice if I do. Optimus Prime reviews Sam's cousin has a secret. After his death she thinks back on the time they had together. Find out by reading the story! Will also contain TF3 in the future. Valiant Spark by wolfwitch94 reviews Sequel to Valiant Spirits. Follow Val as she fights M. Her new life is anything but dull.

Find the link for the rewrite, as well as previews, in the final chapter. Thanks for the support everyone has given me; I hope you can support the rewrite as well! Valiant Spirits by wolfwitch94 reviews Because of a supernatural ability, Valerie Darby has been forced to live away from her mother and brother.

But now she must use her powers to rescue the amnesiac Optimus and stop Unicron before the Matrix fails. Twisted by SimpleRhapsody reviews Parker had her life destroyed 2 years ago when she was in a fatal accident involving a certain blue and red semi truck, leaving her family dead.

When it comes time for the revenge she craves, she'll discover that her "saviors" may just be twisted. Someone Like You by A. Alice-LaCasse reviews There were only four things I knew for sure. First, my cousin's car was a talking robot. Second, I was destined to save the world I never felt a part of. Third, Decepticons were after me. Fourth, I was totally screwed.

Hear Me See Me by Lightan reviews I wanted people to hear me, to see me on the inside and not what I look like on the outside. After everything that's happened to me, the pain never fully goes away.

Now, I live with my aunt and uncle along with their son Sam. I'm afraid that my life will never be normal. Not with these eyes of mine However, we all know nothing comes easy for these two.Hello again, I'm back with another one-shot!

This one was requested by Minimus! And in case any of you want to request, here's the request blog: Request Blog! Our story takes us to the Decepticon ship, the Nemesis, where a certain Cybertronian femme was patrolling the ship. This was usual, of course, but what wasn't usual was what happened next. The Decepticons' very own Soundwave. Now this was a surprise because this femme in particular hadn't exactly been in contact or really seen Soundwave that much.

He was usually in the ship's main room with all the computers and stuff. But, there he was, seemingly staring at her with that visor of his. And then, another shocking thing happened. I'm surprised.

optimus x femme reader wattpad

I guess because I rarely see you. Statement: This is unfortunate. It soon became quiet. Aren't those clouds pretty? Thank you! She leaned against the mech next to her, resting her helm on his flat, screenlike arm, and closed her optics. She fell into a light recharge. Another smiley face appeared on Soundwave's visor and he let her lay there.

optimus x femme reader wattpad

Meanwhile, Knockout and Breakdown were snooping on them. The big brute looked down at Knockout with a look the cherry red mech didn't notice.

Heh, surprise! I decided to add a little extra something for the Knockout x Breakdown fans out there! I shall give you all this if you can make KOxBD happen! I am begging you, the ship needs to sail!!!! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. A smiley face appeared on Soundwave's visor. Likes Comments Like Tsunami Author. Lol, pErHaPs. Reply to: Tsunami Indeed! Reply to: Minimus Aw, thanks! It means a lot!She was the only human left at base, considering the three others had already gone home for the night with their guardians.

Multiple times she had requested for her own guardian to allow her to carpool home, but each time he would carefully refuse and give her the same explanation as to why. He would always say the same thing with a firm, yet gentle tone in his baritone voice. She frowned as she quoted his exact words in her mind. The young teenager scrunched up her nose as the annoying thought crossed her mind. She then glanced at the cheap watch clasped to her wrist. She then cringed as she imagined how long her father would yell at her for being out past curfew.

Her father was by the far the worst person to ever walk the earth, and ever since her mother ran out on them, he treated her as if she were the worst thing in his life. If only he knew where she really was in all her time out of school. Eventually, the restlessness caught up to her and she sprang to her feet before stomping over to the railing baring off the platform that supported the couch she always sat on.

She tapped her nails repeatedly on the cold, metal railing as she watched her guardian specifically, who was murmuring quietly to the orange patterned medic beside him. She slumped against the railing and began to make obnoxious huffs and snorts, along with a series of other bothersome noises.

Extreme annoyance and frustration seethed through the young teenager as her guardian kept his cobalt blue optics off her. She suddenly shouted out at the blue and red mech, her little frame shaking from stress and anger.

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She shrieked, effectively holding his attention in a negative way. Her guardian and Ratchet turned towards her, and before the smaller mech could say anything, Optimus interrupted him. Optimus remained silent until the footfalls of the medic faded, before turning to the seething human. He sighed at her before speaking in a calm, mild tempered tone. His gentle expression was replaced by concern as his companion interrupted him, her voice cracking as she screech at him.

Optimus frowned at her profanity, due to that being so unlike her. She continued to yell at him for the next few minutes before she paused to inhale.

The massive mech shot forward to make sure she was okay, seemingly unbothered by being shrieked at. She panted as she gained her breath and struggled to keep herself from hyperventilating. The gentle giant carefully rested his fore digit in between the bar railings, and in front of her.

Optimus blinked, unsure what to do as she suddenly burst into tears and grasped his dark colored digit tightly in her soft, fragile hands. Her form sharply bobbed up in down every few seconds, small hiccups interrupting her as she spoke to him.

He soothing responded as her hiccups died down to sniffs. She stared up at him, her soft hands loosely gripping the digit rested atop her head.

He smiled comfortingly at her as she gazed up at him through thick, teary lashes. She confirmed quietly as she fixed her gaze on his digit lying before her. Optimus let out a small hum of confirmation before he suddenly lifted his digit off her head and slid his entire servo underneath her.

She inhaled sharply out of surprise as he suddenly pressed her little form against his cheek. Optimus sighed softly as he used his free servo to push her gently against his warm cheek, the best form of an embrace he could offer.It was shocking to see you chained up in his prison abroad the Harbinger. Megatron had been trying to capture or offline you for vorns yet here you were now, seemingly captured by his Second in Command and medic and hanging from the ceiling by chains. You towered over Knockout and Starscream in height and strength so it was impossible to imagine that the two would be able to capture you.

First, Optimus had lost his memory and become his servant and now he had you in his claws. Your arm plating was starting to ache at the askew angle they were being held. At the sound of the titan, you raised your helm to look him in his optics. Your cool blue met his fiery red with an amused look. When Starscream noticed the attention, he stepped forward with a flurry of his arm and a flutter of his wings, his pedes making an irritable clang on the floor every time he took a step closer to you.

The Seeker sneered towards his Master before looking back towards you with a smug look. Your legs rose and wrapped around his throat tightly, applying quite a bit of pressure to his wings as you began to squeeze tighter.

Don't Cry (Optimus Prime x Reader)

Even then, he had insulted Optimus and there was never a bad word to say about him when you were around. You would defend your leader to the death and follow his order without question, so joking about his condition flicked a switch.

Megatron looked from his Second to the snarling Autobot who held him captive, it was laughable seeing as Starscream apprehended you and now he was the one being detained.

As soon as Starscream was released he turned on you with his rocket launcher placed above your spark chamber. With a roll of your optics, you quickly brought your helm down and connected it with the Seekers own helm. Starscream crumpled to the floor with energon leaking from a wound you had caused. The former gladiator was in front of you now and once he realised you were ignoring him, he roughly grabbed your faceplate with his sharp digits to force you to face him. How funny is it that now you are the one being distracted by me?

You opened your mouth to reply but was silenced when a blaster shot hit through the metal doors sending them flying across the room. Megatron let go of you and stood in anger as he saw Optimus, mask up and optics narrowed at him. Arcee ran over to you, dodging the blasts from Starscream and Knockout before cutting the chains that were wrapped around your servos and handing you your whip. After a small breather and a crack of your whip, you turned to face Starscream.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Broken, bruised, rejected. So what happens when their worlds are both turned upsidedown? You never really expected to be one of the people to meet the Autobots, let alone interact and stay with them. Then you fall in love with one of them. And you realise you can't live without him. He's everything to you and he brings the excitement and adventure you've been looking for all your life.

Because of this you vow to keep this going as long as possible, you vow to protect him no matter what with what he does for you and this planet.

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You are his knight. And you're hoping you can continue being his. Reader is deserted in the desert of Nevada after the car they stole broke down 20 miles outside the nearest city, which happens to be Jasper. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Reader flags down a red and blue rig, hoping to catch a ride. One ride turned into one lifetime with the truck. The day Optimus left broke your heart in more ways than one, but seeing him come home broke your heart more.

Ghost Adventure. Doctor Who. Hawaii Jurrasic World. Star Wars. Actors, singers.

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Now you found out the thing that keeps giving her bad feeling, you knew you really should leave the island that instant. Summer is not over and an Apocalypse Z for Zombie has fallen on you. The whole world is infected. Even some of your Autobots and Decepticons friends.

Fortunately, there is an antidote… You! But will you survive and find your friends? Your missions, to you and what remains of Team Prime, save the world. But a Shadow seems to want your death and declare war on you. We will thus see who in this war will survive.

I BOUGHT THE MOST EXPENSIVE TRANSFORMER!!! $3,000 Jetpower Optimus Prime - Prime 1 Studio INSANE!

Or rather YOUR war. Which has started. And it is unfortunately timed…. You pause for a moment, considering insanity at the prospect of battling a giant robot with two kitchen knives while static-peppered Michael Jackson blares in the background.

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From what, exactly?The politicians refused to hear beyond the words of "Sentinel Prime" and cost Chicago and it's citizens greatly. In the aftermath, their group formed, initially in gratitude of the Autobots and humans who lead NEST. They grew with those looking to show their strength in light of the destruction and death to the ones who fought. The soldiers, never the two-faced lying politicians. Certainly not fast enough to stop them from forming a group who the monsters could never face.

Not against their unity. Ghost knew the drones were airborne, but camouflaged for the night sky, and invisible to human sight. Shiva drove the modified military vehicle as their muscle or shield. She'd get between the Winds and their target. Tweedledum and Tweedledee were both motorbikes types.

Laying caltrops, smoke, oil, or firing close range into the enemy. Their designated medic and explosives expert, Toolchest was the shortest of them all. Yet also the most terrifying in a sedan type vehicle. Cybercat, the hacker commander of their unit and six others had tracked Wind movement to this location.

Praying to the restless dead playing with her nape, Ghost began to ease forward. To defend her world from the evil in men.

Then he had nothing on his processors but minimizing the damage as sabot rounds and others were used against him. He fell to the second floor of the boat, rolling out the flames as he dodged the next volley by leaping through the side and onto the dock. Then two motorbikes raced up his backside, smoke billowing out along with war whoops.

Ratchet thought for a moment it was Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. He saw the human femme driver glancing at her side mirrors, the headdress, Indian in style, oddly fitting with her features and skin dripped with beads and embellishments. Then her face turned feral before she twisted the wheel, striking an enemy jeep, forcing it into the river.

Internal medical processes worked on his wounds, sealing leaks, patching damaged cables as the group surrounding him broke free of the enemies, racing into the night. Human femmes protected him from blood thirsty mechs. His tanks dropped as more femme voices joined the channel, their words incomprehensible but clearly code phrases. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Transformers. A what if for the AoE movie. What if women across the globe rose up in defense of the Autobots after Chicago since the male politicians failed to protect the US by listening to Sentinel.

Then the first video surfaced. A known Autobot being gunned down coldly by humans. The government wasn't fast enough to strip the video from the internet. For centuries, their gender was underestimated and thought weak. Until they declared war against the men of Cemetery Wind. Now it was the voice of command.

Optimus x femme reader wattpad