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There have been several attempts to make lapdocks and laptop shells over the years, with varying degrees of success. Much like other laptop shells, the NexDock 2 offers a display, keyboard, trackpad, battery, and several ports. Otherwise, the fundamental proposition here is still the same, allowing you to plug in a compatible smartphone to gain a laptop-like experience while charging your phone. However, the NexDock team notes that Android Q phones will likely be compatible in the future, citing a rough desktop mode in the developer preview.

Well, the HDMI port means you can also use this as a secondary screen for your computer, a display for your gaming console, or a screen for your Raspberry Pi or computer stick.

Wish your phone was actually a laptop? The NexDock 2 makes it happen.

And with previous entries like the Sentio Superbook not achieving mainstream success, you have to wonder whether this new device will enjoy a better commercial reception.

Chrome OS and Android offer portable alternatives to your traditional Mac and Windows desktop environments and some big phone names have been working to improve the Android experience further. It's been a while since we …. View NexDock 2 page.Oh no, you're thinking, yet another cookie pop-up.

NexDock gets a competitor in similarly crowdfunded Mirabook by Miraxess

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If people say no to these cookies, we do not know how many people have visited and we cannot monitor performance. Three years after the original comes another NexDock, a laptop shell aimed at owners of Android phones or lovers of the diminutive Raspberry Pi and its brethren.

I've been delighted with my Gemini Psion-a-like. They delivered the device! In fact they're just about to release an update to the latest version of Android. The ongoing support since I received it has been at least as good as I'd have expected from a big name vendor. I was seriously tempted by one of these myself, and still sometime get close to buying. It's called the Cosmo Communicator after the famous Nokiahas a small second screen piggybacked on the back of the main one so it can make and take calls when the clamshell is closed, and is on Indiegogo.

Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. I need to get in touch with them - I may have a vey good reason for them for a v2 so it's worth a chat. As an aside not related to the abovethis appears to be the one current smartphone that could be coaxed into being usable for blind people as well.

I bought one of the very early ones. The keyboard is terrible - keys don't work unless you press them right in the middle including the space bar. The customer support from Planet Computers has been exceptional in my experience. They are very accomodating and quick to respond to support requests. To be completely honest the Gemini has received more in the way of updates and documentation than a lot of big name brands.

Recently I had to switch away from my Gemini for about 4 weeks to a regular candy bar smartphone and that pretty much confirmed to me that working without the Gemini was a royal pain in the backside.

The Gemini is good enough for most work applications, to the point where I'd stopped taking a laptop and bag to client meetings altogether. My email to hello has yielded a support ticket, but as yet no response so let's just say that I'm not very impressed myself. Its people like you I end up yelling at when one of our trackballs departs this pale blue sphere.

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What the trackball balls are bigger and hurt more than the weedy ones inside regular mice of the time! Looks like a great tool for plugging into normally headless machines for maintenance.

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Instead of the more usual monitor balanced on an old cardboard box with the keyboard on your lap and mouse on the floor.

In our data center we call the cart with a monitor and keyboard on it the "crash cart," but anything with "crash" in the name would probably be poor marketing. Given this is a model recommended by "experts", what do you expect? As with other good ideas car-pooling, couch-surfing, social networking, alternative payment schemes, etc.

nexdock 2 alternative

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Welcome to Memeburn Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest in digital insights. By signing up for this email you agree to receive the latest info from Burnmedia Group.NexDock turns your Smartphone into a touch screen Laptop. What the Media Are Saying. Watch on YouTube. NexDock 2 hands-on: Work anywhere with your Samsung smartphone. Go to ZDNet. Go to Forbes. Go to The Register.

NexDock with no CPU, memory or OS, is a quiet, fanless laptop shell engineered to harness the productivity of smartphones. How does it work? Once you connect your smartphone to Nexdock, your apps become resizable and the Android interface is presented in Windows-like environment. At a fraction of the cost of a laptop…. NexDock simply works like any other laptop without the steep price. Explore Compatible Smartphones. Your smartphone is more productive with NexDock.

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nexdock 2 alternative

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Crowdfunded laptop shell sequel touts less plastic, more pixels. Select this reward. Lapdocks seem to be making a comeback in recent times, with the Mirabook and Superbook being two leading solutions. But which one is actually better?. NexDock is a laptop that runs on your smartphone, tablet or mini PC. The GPD Pocket 2 is a handheld computer that looks like a laptop, but which is small enough to fold up and slide into your pocket.

The new NexDock unit is a MRP 9, views.

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It's not much lighter than a typical Just cancelled my order for the nexdock 2 and going with this setup. Also benefitting from a notable upgrade is the screen. The NexDock 2 campaign has undoubtedly picked up pace since we reported on it last week. More flexible as easy to use just phone, keyboard and phone, external screen, battery powering setup or just charging laptop.

Posted by 11 days ago. Three years after the original comes another NexDock, a laptop shell aimed at owners of Android phones or lovers of the diminutive Raspberry Pi and its brethren. The Type C cable included with the braided sleeving that connects phones to the Nexdock 2; what is the specification of them? I'd like to grab another one but all my Type C to Type C ones fail to pass through properly and output a signal. NexDock 2: Electric Boogaloo. The NexDock 2 now promises to correct all those mistakes.

The NexDock 2. NexDock is a Motorola Lapdock alternative launched in with a The company has now announced they had started manufacturing NexDock Touch based on NexDock 2 but adding a touchscreen display and some other features, and the company has also. Use NexDock with the latest Windows 10 mobile devices such as the Lumia and take advantage of the new Continuum feature, which allows smartphones and tablets to switch between touch and desktop modes.The best part about it so far is that it has not appeared to cause the nexdock any grief!

The week of September 12, my nexdock Gen v1 returned as what I am now calling the nexdock Gen v1. I am pleased to report that the Power button issues appears to have been resolved see the video below for a demo! It my just be my imagination but, so far, with the limited tests … Continue reading nexdock: Returned!

If you are interesting in obtaining one of these items, leave a comment below or use the contact form and … Continue reading solar charging battery pack. After a fair amount of back and forth, nexdock has decided to recall the Gen v. As it turns out, there appears to be an issue with the main? Although … Continue reading nexdock: Recalled. Another mixed bag I was able to get the nexdock to work as a secondary display and the Bluetooth worked but, it ended up disconnecting a one point.

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The display looked good but, the placement of the HDMI out port on the the bottom edge of the Thinkpad 2 makes for an awkward physical connection … Continue reading nexdock: Lenovo ThinkPad 2. Yet another odd twist on the road to getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to work with the nexdock. I tried suing my Google Chromecast Gen 2 streaming device to try and get a signal from the S6 Active to the nexdock and the results were 'mixed' at best.

On August 11,nextdock sent out an email asking people who had received their nexdock to provide feedback regarding their units and the operation of the power button plugged in and more importantly unplugged. The video below demonstrates my experiences, thus far. My first nexdock video, with Surface Pro 3.

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nexdock 2 alternative

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Nexdock 2 alternative