American made single action revolver

Left: Image of the left side of the engraved option.

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Photo also shows revolver with the optional Walnut grips. Right: Image of the right side of the engraved model with the optional Walnut grips. Right: Image of the left side of the engraved model showing the barrel and cylinder detail. Left: Image of the right side of the non-engraved model showing the SASS name and "Marshal" roll stamped on left side.

Also, shown with the optional white hard rubber checkered grips. A faxed signed copy of the FFL Licence must accompany the order.

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Please fax to That commitment carries through in our effort to continue to produce here in Hartford - the best, most genuine, most historically accurate firearms and Single Action Revolvers in the world — in their new state of the art factory in Hartford, Connecticut. The Single Action Revolver was the handgun of the Old West, and sheriffs, cowboys, soldiers, civilians, and outlaws turned the Single Action Revolver into an American legend.

The Single Action Revolver is the most famous and recognized design in revolver history. Choose from three calibers. A wide choice of grips are available. Long Hunter Shooting Supply also offers an action work package so you are assured your revolver is "Match Ready" as soon as you receive it.

The Long Hunter Action Work includes the following:.

american made single action revolver

For more details or questions about the action work please contact Long Hunter Shooting Supply at or at www. Rear sights widened from.

Top 5 Cowboy Action Revolvers

Forcing cone cut to 11 degrees 3. Comes with a crisp, no creep trigger pull 4. The frame is drilled and a Ruger style coil spring is installed for reliability. Factory main spring is replaced with a Lee's Gunslinger flat spring for a smooth, reliable cocking motion while maintaining a quick hammer drop 6.

Long Hunter Custom Action Work. Factory main spring is replaced with a Lee's Gunslinger flat spring for a smooth, reliable cocking motion while maintaining a quick hammer drop. Current Pricing. Long Hunter Action Work See details above.

The Colt Model of 1873 Single Action Army

Shipping each additional revolver Same order.Colt had discontinued this model in The Great Western revolver was sold by mail order in the 50s and early 60s, and was used in many Western movies and television shows. After the war, film and television spurred renewed interest in the SAA but Colt was not immediately persuaded to resume production. Wilson, mail-order impresario Hy Hunter, and several firearm professionals from nearby Weatherby.

The Great Western Arms enterprise operated for about ten years, but never overcame domestic and foreign competitors that also introduced western style revolvers. The business was beset by regular insolvencies, and was twice surrendered to vendors holding account receivables. The last proprietor was EMF Co, which still operates today as a firearms retailer. Over the period Great Western made about revolvers and derringers. Great Western's single action revolver was mostly identical to Colt's original version, save for a few modern improvements.

It was notably identifiable for its stag pattern plastic grips. It was available in popular revolver calibers. Great Western's derringer was also a faithful reproduction, that of the Remington model He was presented with two sets of engraved revolvers, one of these sets he used later in the film The Shootist.

Audie Murphy and Mel Torme were other endorsers. A specially made Great Western revolver was built for Don Knotts in the Disney movie, The Shakiest Gun in the West ; this revolver would comically fall apart when cocking the hammer. In Wilson sent unsolicited to President Eisenhower an ornately engraved. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Great Western Arms Company Former type. Iola, Wisconsin: Gun Digest Books.

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Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnited States.If you are a competitive shooter and have not checked out the SASSor cowboy action, matches you owe it to yourself to do so. Think of it as 3 gun with revolvers, lever actions and double barreled shotguns. All of the shooters in this sport I have met have been friendly and more than willing to share knowledge and tips to improve your shooting. You guessed it they shoot single action revolvers. But not just any single action revolver. These need to be like the old guns the gunslingers of the old west carried.

Well, kind of. Like most things used in competitions these revolvers are usually tricked out.

american made single action revolver

At the very least they have had a trigger and action job to slick them up. But there are a few things that are required to be legal. For example you can only have a Bisley style hammer on a revolver with a Bisley grip frame. If you want to read more about the rules they can be found here. Anyways, here are 5 revolvers that that you can use for a Cowboy Action match right out of the box.

They would all benefit from an action job and some other modifications that are approved. There are some SASS shooters that use the originals. By originals I mean the ones made by Colt.

Colt still makes them too. But are they original? The 1st generation is considered the ones made from until when production all but ended due to WWII. One notable variant is the Bisley Model.

It was intended to be a target shooting gun but quickly gained a well deserved reputation as a fast shooting revolver. The Bisley has a lowered and wider hammer, longer grip frame with a different angle and a wider trigger.

How the Colt Single Action Army Revolver Won the West

This is the work horse of the SASS world. You can also carry it with 6 rounds safely thanks to the transfer bar system. There are 2 versions of the Vaquero. The 1st, or old style, are made on a bigger frame. While the new style is a lot closer in size to the Colt.

Ruger also makes these with a Bisley style grip frame if that is your preference. You can find that review here. The Uberti Cattleman falls into the class of a Colt clone. These are the Italian made revolvers that look and function very much like the Colt s. There are others that makers of them too, but I generally have found the fit and finish on the Uberti made ones to be a little bit nicer. There is a huge range of revolvers available in the Cattleman line. There is a very basic, low priced model all the way to fancy engravings and inlaid grips models.

We have a full review of a Uberti Cattleman you can check out for more information. The wild west was not won only with Colts. Just like today, there were tons of manufactures both big and small. Remington had a good chunk of the revolver market as well. Heck, they had the patten on the revolver frame with a top strap that kept Colt from producing one until These are a bit heavier than the Colts, just look at the picture to see why.On October 26,shots rang out at the O.

american made single action revolver

Within the first 30 seconds of the shootout, three members of the Clanton gang were killed. They were firing a legendary weapon, too.

american made single action revolver

The Colt Single Action Army held many names over the years. But soon it became known as the Frontier, the Equalizer, the Model P, and most famously, the Peacemaker. There was no peace that October day in Tombstone. But the shootout was one of many that cemented the reputation of this six-chamber gun that saw more than 20 years service with the United States Army and became the iconic revolver of the West.

To trace the story of the Colt 45, you've got to go back 45 years before the O. Corral to when Samuel Colt patented his first percussion revolver design in February Colt plugged away on wooden models and technical drawings until Baltimore gunsmith John Pearson forged a working prototype.

The early models required the barrel to be removed before the pistol's cylinder could be reloaded. During the late s, Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Walker improved this design, making it robust and reliable enough for field use.

Although Samuel Colt died in Januaryhis company found find its future by selling tens of thousands of percussion revolvers to the Union Army during the American Civil War. Before the Colt Single Action Army, pistols used percussion caps to ignite a powder charge that had to be hand-loaded into each chamber of the revolver's cylinder. This is a slow and cumbersome process. However, by the mids the self-contained metallic cartridge emerged, and a few years later, the U.

Army was looking to adapt a new cartridge revolver to replace its increasingly obsolete percussion pistols. Early on, Colt was at a disadvantage. Many of the company's "open top" pistols were inherently weaker than full-framed revolvers such as the Remington Model In when the Army tested Colt's latest revolver, they complained that the. So, shortly thereafter, Colt produced a pistol that fired a more powerful centerfire cartridge and had a stronger, more durable frame.

William Mason, along with fellow Colt gunsmith Charles Brinckerhoff Richards, began to rework the design by incorporating a top-strap to increase the strength of the revolver's frame and remove the need for a barrel wedge, one of the biggest weaknesses of previous Colts.Colt even had a production facility in Britain and his revolvers were popular with British Army and Navy officers who were responsible for buying their own revolvers.

Picture courtesy truewestmagazine. This also means that for those involved in Cowboy Action shooting in the United States or Colonial Action shooting in Australia, or for enthusiasts and re-enactors all over the world a Colt Single Action Army is going to be a historically accurate revolver for the period onwards right up until the wars of the early twentieth century.

Patton carried his in World War II. Lawrence discovered that the single action of Colt was a great safety feature. At one point his Colt SAA was grabbed by a guy who tried to shoot him, but the guy did not realize he had to cock the hammer first.

Uberti 44-40 Rifle and Revolvers Review

Happily Lawrence was able to resolve the situation before his attacker could figure the gun out. I think W. Having to unload and reload one cartridge at a time makes the Colt SAA one of the slowest revolvers to reload extant. Picture courtesy Uberti. One of the best and most affordable sources of replicas of the Colt Single Action Army is from Uberti of Italy who are nowadays owned by Beretta. Uberti make a range of replica Colt SAA in both old model and the new model revolvers with the improved cylinder retaining mechanism.

Revolvers can be had in traditional blue with color case hardened frame, nickel plated steel, stainless steel, and a low sheen powder coat finish. The Old West is given a pseudo worn appearance.

The Cattleman Charcoal Blue is only made in. The Old West is made in. The Cattleman Nickel is a new model revolver and is finished in nickel plated steel. The Cattleman Nickel comes chambered in. The Cattleman Stainless is, as the name says, a stainless steel revolver. Like the Cattleman Nickel the Cattleman stainless is only chambered in.

The Chisholm is a stainless steel revolver with a matte finish. The Chisholm is made of stainless steel and has a matte black finish. This is a good looking revolver and the checkered panels on the grips are both functional and give the revolver a unique appearance. The Chisholm comes in. With its stainless steel construction and sooty black finish this might be a good revolver for black powder cartridge aficionados.

The Cody comes in nickel plated steel and can also be had as a matched pair. The Cody comes in nickel plated steel and can also be purchased as a matched pair. Available in. The Engraved Cattleman is made of stainless steel and has faux mother of pearl grips. The Engraved Cattleman is a stainless steel revolver which features full scroll engraving.

It is only made in.

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Engraving on the Engraved Cattleman is aesthetic and well done. The Frisco features a color case hardened frame, charcoal blue finish and faux mother of pearl grips.

The Frisco combines a color case hardened frame with charcoal blue trigger guard, barrel and cylinder. Grips are faux mother of pearl. Caliber is. The Hombre has a brass trigger guard, and matte finished stainless steel frame and barrel.It involves 3 types of guns — revolvers, lever action rifles and shotguns. Try a few competitive matches and have some fun as you hone your skill. Single Action Shooting Society or SASS is a global organization that preserves, promote and governs the sport of cowboy action shooting.

As the name implies, the sport uses single action revolvers, similar to those used in the time of the Old West. The competitive aspect of CAS make it necessary for revolvers to be modified or slicked up in the manner that is legal. Have your trigger fancied up at the very least. For instance, only a Bisley grip frame with a Bisley style hammer is allowable. For a single-action revolver to work, the shooter has to cock the hammer first to fire each shot.

While many single-action revolvers went into production, a few names became legendary for their superior quality. Below, in no particular order, are the most preferred revolvers in CAS. They are featured to help narrow down your gun choices for use in competition. You can make some enhancements and modifications as long as they are within the permitted range.

This modern six-shot single-action revolver is coated in blued steel with a gloss stainless finish that is very similar to 19th-century revolvers with nickel-plated finish. The Peacemaker owed its moniker to its large size, precision and destructive force.

A popular variant of the Colt M is the Bisley model. It was initially produced for target shooting but rapidly gained the reputation as a fast shooting revolver. After it was further developed as an inexpensive and more practical revolver for the military, the Colt M remained popular among lawmen, ranchers and outlaws for many more years.

Carrying a robust and dependable design, these revolvers are slightly heavier than the Colts. Both lawmen and citizens of the wild west acknowledged the rugged physical strength of this new Remington model. The Army Outlaw is made with a casted frame, and comes with a somewhat distinct grip and different trigger pull distance which some shooters find as a welcome change.

Frank James usually carried one of these revolvers during his outlaw years. Freedom Arms became widely known for developing single-action revolvers when they were still enormously popular. Their Premier class revolvers comes with a glossier finish and an original owner lifetime warranty.

The Model 83 Premiere still has a fast reload time and outstanding power behind its grip. The grip quality provides a perfect buffer to the minor recoil after every shot, which gives the user a smoother shot compared to other single-action revolvers.

The single-action revolvers featured above are all SASS-approved and in compliance with cowboy action shooting regulations. It was chambered in the. It would also have an international history seeing use in Australia, Japan, and Russia.

The most important modification to the Model 3 was moving the latch from the barrel to the frame. The caliber was also changed to. The fact that Schofield could not fire the. Some of the info courtesy of ammoland. Just some updated information.

Most shooters are using the Ruger New Vaquero in. There are some fast shooters who use.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We bring you the classic firearms that made cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws famous — but with a modern twist. All our firearms are made using precision machinery and high-quality materials with one goal in mind — to create faithful reproductions of Civil War, Old West, hunting, and tactical guns from the 19th century. Canvas Menu.

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Featured Products. Pietta Remington. From The Blog. While Buffalo Bill was proud of his Remington, he would have more than likely enjoyed the.

American made single action revolver